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Top Five Things to do at Whitefish Mountain Resort

John Smith | January 12, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Are you thinking of planning a skiing trip in Montana? Whitefish Mountain Resort is the ultimate destination to witness the snowy mountains. However, there are numerous other activities for you too. Here are a few things you must add to the itinerary next time you visit the resort, depending on the season.

Aerial Adventure Park

Aerial Adventure Park is called the Happy Space of Ski Whitefish Resort. It is full of excitement with an engaging obstacle course. Furthermore, the training is supervised by an adult or an expert according to the participant’s age. It is a memorable experience as you must complete the course while being suspended in the air.

However, it is not a strenuous activity. They range in different challenges with a variety of obstacles. Most participants use the zipline to jump from obstacle to obstacle. It is a genuinely engaging activity where the attendees must learn the art of maneuvering to overcome the blockades.

Big Mountain Summit

Another perfect activity to spend the day at Whitefish Resort is scaling a mountain—Big Mountain, to be exact. The group activity is incredibly peaceful and therapeutic while you capture breathtaking views for Instagram. If you time the photograph correctly, you can also capture hawks sitting atop trees on the summit.

The hikers have also witnessed bears on their way down from the summit. It’s always a good idea to carry bear spray with you whenever you are hiking anywhere in Montana. If you wish to save time, you can also travel to the mountaintop with a lift or a gondola. The surrounding area has lakes and mountains to admire with a bird’s eye view from the top.

Mountain biking

Whitefish also offers relevant equipment for mountain biking too. Surprisingly, visitors or tourists do not need to ride a bike at the top of the mountain. The resort provides special lifts for this purpose. Biking through a venue consumes a lot of energy. However, it is an excellent way to experience Whitefish Resort’s beautiful landscape close-up.

The resort offers more than 30 trails to browse with different difficulties level. It is an excellent family-friendly activity, so you can browse the resort without restriction.


One of the most freeing activities Whitefish Resort offers is hiking. It gives the tourists and locals a reason to continue visiting the resort. The hikers can admire the topography from different elevations. Furthermore, the visitors can enjoy a new trail each time too.

When hiking, the participants can indulge in handpicking berries and learning more about nature. You can walk solo or in groups to admire the scenery. Whitefish Resort offers a diverse landscape. Thus, you are greeted with a new picture each time you visit.

The Alpine Slides

Have you ever taken a slide on a hill? The Alpine Slides is the perfect activity to conclude the Whitefish tour. You can unlock the hidden child which you left behind years ago. No one will judge you while you wave your arms sliding down the slide.

Whitefish offers two scenic slides with different compositions. One is steep, while the other is slow. Therefore, if slides interest you, ask which is appropriate for your adventurous or light-hearted personality.

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